Facing problems? GOOD

Here’s something that caught my eye and I couldn’t avoid sharing it anyone who wants to read it…

For those of you who plan to embark on or are already on the path to knowing God, a little bit of discussion is in order.
When you tread the spiritual path that takes you closer to God, you are bound to face both favourable and unfaourable circumstances in the course of your journey. When circumstances start becoming favourable to you, it shows that you have succeeded on this path a little bit. However, if you start facing adversities, then take it as a sure sign that you will be treading the path with greater speed.

They alone, whom He loves

Are by Him tried and put to test.

The treasures of His benign grace,

Does He shower on them under this pretext.

That devotee is fortunate, who finds that he has to deal with relatives who harass him. Meera may not have been as resolute as she was in her devotion to Krishna had she not had relatives who oppressed and troubled her. Similarly, were it not for the stubborn king, Hiranyakashipu, who troubled little Prahlad, he might not have been so steadfast in his devotion to Hari. Had Sant Eknath not come by troublemakers, it is possible he might not have been so firmly established in patience and divine peace.

When troubles and obstacles come our way, it is perhaps because God wants to establish us quickly in our divine nature of serenity. On the other hand, if pleasures and comfort come our way, it might mean that God knows our weakness that we are devoted to pleasure and so He gives us these toys. Accept the toys that come to you but don’t get carried away by them.

The point is take care that toys don’t gain control over you, becoming the focal point of your life. Accept them as gifts from God. Just as we make offerings of sweets to God, receive it as prasad and then do not eat it alone, but distribute it to others as well. Similarly, when you are blessed with competence or comforts, make good use of them in the service of God. Likewise, when faced with difficulties or obstacles, just tide over them and get to your serene nature. Such a devotee quickly succeeds in his spiritual endeavour.

Do not become bloated in favourable circumstances, nor lose heart in adverse conditions. Both happiness and sorrow will invariably pass away. Irrespective of the nature of the present situation, you must always reiterate in your mind that this, too, will be over. Keep telling your mind, ‘Even this shall pass’. This will quieten the mind and gradually eliminate your sense of attachment and hatred.

Make your vision divine and see the world as an expression of Divinity. Your wealth, property and power will not accompany you on your final journey. It is only your intrinsic nature that will accompany you after your death. Therefore, always strive to elevate your nature; let it touch the loftiest heights of sublimity. Once the effulgent Sun of knowledge rises on the horizon of your life, the demon mind that roams in the darkness of the world’s illusions will be destroyed right away. Afflictions like lust, anger, and greed will dissipate and disappear. The path of your life will become fully illumined and filled with bliss. As a human being, you will thus find true fulfillment.



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  1. m s dinakar
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 13:40:25

    What has being happy or sad got to do with an imaginary idea called GOD?

    Reality is inexactitude … at the most humans could do is battle with ideas … already history is full of them … with all the worst consequences … religion(s) as dictated and controlled by the priestly class has been an”unneedful” addiction … only serves those who want to wield power against the gullible … god as an idea is only as exotic as the idea of qwiff within the domain of abstractions … but the diff is … people dont go on a warpath for upholding the validty of qwiff … all dogmas are entropic … but the rate of entropy is damnably slow … and … its complement … syntropy is always metaphysic … its rate too is damnably slow … eom.


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