Fight your own battles

Fight your own battles — what does it mean? Quarrelling with every second person one meets? Certainly not. It is to take control and define one’s own self.

In this process, one will be able to ride against the odds. Perceptions that femininity and fight don’t go together really is nothing but idiotic and let us not blame anyone but self for such thoughts. After all, if a woman blames a man for everything, what is she to do herself? For after all, just like the man, she is also a human being born with a mind!!

Whether it is gender bias, violence, infanticide or any other form of abuse, the person who bears it is to shoulder blame with the perpetuator of abuse. There are no short cuts in life and there is no pass the buck. One has to fight her/his own battles and the earlier they start in life the better.

Here are the 10 tips from Kiran Bedi for the woman of today:

1. Grow up strong. Mentally and physically to be self reliant.

2. Educate yourself in such a way that provides skills and wisdom.

3. Be in charge of your emotional needs through awareness. Do not let yourself be enslaved by them.

4. If you have made a bad choice either correct it or do not prolong the agony.

5. Never become a mother if you are not emotionally and physically ready. Motherhood I’d say is truly life altering.

6. Remain ethically strong. This will give you the inner strength to live your life on your terms.

7. Remain courageous. Do not fear the future. Focus on doing the right things in the present. This will take care of the future. Never ever surrender your financial self reliance.

8. Remain confident and sure of self. Learn to be your own friend even if you have close friends and relatives.

9. Develop the habit of self audit to chart your own journey time to time.

10. Get associated with good causes, community and spiritual. This will keep you networked and empowered.

At the end of the day, the choice is entirely yours!


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