Women & Appropriate Dressing

Men remain boys as long as they live while women cannot be girls even if they are just off nappies. While this is something quite hard to fight even in the 21st century, it is however, time that the women of today can embark another step towards affirming their being.

In today’s day and age when the 40s are the new 20s, the woman is working hard to break new ground, work towards her financial stability and moving ahead of the taboos. She is breaking free of expectations that are either outdated or overrated; in short, she rocks! Choices abound and are there for her rightful picking; she no longer has to accept her fate and fade into old age, she can now bask in her prime and shine and be fashionable at the same time. So what’s all the fuss about age-appropriate dressing?

“Age-appropriate dressing” is a term that is being thrown around a lot these days because mature women have become emboldened to express themselves through fashion. While I agree that certain types of clothes look appropriate only on certain types of women, there should be no cut-and-dried rule as to what mature women should be wearing. It is so not 21st century to impose a particular fashion style on a woman simply because her age starts with the digits four, five or six. It is not like we all suddenly turned Girls Gone Wild and started wearing Daisy Duke micro-mini shorts in public so that we need to be questioned for wearing shorts at all.  And it’s definitely not like we are emulating the stars of the reality TV star Rakhi Sawant running around the city in skintight, tawdry dresses, so that we can’t show our curves and be proud of our bodies.

No, defying convention and dressing the way we want doesn’t mean any of that; it must not be only about age either. Dressing up must reflect more than just a woman’s age; it must be an expression of her personality, lifestyle and physicality. While it is prudent to have boundaries and certain “fashion do’s and don’ts” to guide us, dressing up is ak personal and intimate choice that each woman must be allowed to make freely. Rather than be classified as “the new 30s” or be given a label like “cougar-licious,” we must be defined by our individuality.

Defining Your Fashion Style “Personal” is the key word in developing one’s style; a woman must dress first and foremost to please herself because when a woman is happy with what she’s wearing, she walks and talks confidently and she smiles effortlessly. Her body language shows ease and comfort, her movements are fluid and graceful. There are practical considerations that will help determine your fashion style; for example, do you wish to appear thinner or heavier? Do you want to look taller or shorter? Do you prefer to project yourself as younger-looking? Do you like to be modern or less dated, demure or powerful? Of course, you can be a combination of a few the above, but you can’t be all of them at the same time.


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  1. David
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 19:00:04

    Well, it now seems to “lesser the better” with regard to women’s dress! Apart from girls wearing trousers, short pants, Midis, etc., there is the tendency to have less clothes clinging to their bodies! A friend jokingly remarked, the new Churidar Top of 40″ has only 10″ hemmed together! So they can feel easy to get on to 2 wheelers, etc.. of course this sometimes displays the panties worn inside and suggests the size of some parts of their bodies.. Women can always display what they got!! Is it just to get a thrill…??? or excite some men…??? or throw invitations for trouble as it happens too…???


    • Being an Indian Woman
      Aug 25, 2010 @ 22:44:19

      Dear David,

      Thrill? excite men?? invitations for trouble?
      So a woman’s clothing is a way to support male morality?
      When those chaddi ads with men wearning nothing more are on screen, is there a rush to rape the next man around or the guy in that ad?

      Lesser the better or not, its her choice, even in case of Rakhi Sawant my friend. Whatever she does and she is and behaves like, the good thing is that she takes onus for it. But what do most men do? Blame the woman for their immoral or not so moral behaviour?
      Every girl who is rubbed around in a bus is not dressed minimal. Even a full length churidaar and covered body is prone to such unscrupulous behaviour.

      And just some more to ponder. Have you ever been to an indian beach — beach with loads of indian population? How many bikins can you count there? or even swimsuit. most of indian population — women will be full clothed (even saree clad in some cases) while men in undies/shorts. this is the real india not the glitzy world/high class you may be referring to. The women anywhere have a right to dress as they feel and should be allowed to assert it rather than be subject to chauvanistic short sighted ideas.



  2. m s dinakar
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 14:42:53


    Women should decide what they want to wear…there is no gainsaying about it…yea..defining one’s personality is one’s choice…but…one should not cast off reasoning in the process…this is not about how men want women to be dressed…

    I differ on the idea of provocation…if a man is provoked…it only defines his limbic dominance if its sexual…beyond that it clearly and loudly points out the “want of evolving conscience” of that particular man…it reflects on his level of unevolved conciousness…if consciousness sounds too big a word or too abstract…then its about his lack of intellectual development…a woman who intendes to provoke men is different…but in general…the hullabaloo of provocative dressing only exposes mens’ lack of intellectual development…

    We have been too long a closed-society though our temples have been bold enough with the sculptures…for that matter Gods and Goddesses in India are provocative enough if one accepts so called “appropriate-dress” code…having said that…it is important for a woman’s safety to know what to wear where and when to wear or even with whom to wear certain costumes…after all mens’ prefrontal architecture seems not to have sufficiently evolved as that of womens’… 🙂 Bye!


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