Equality: Men & women are precious?

Well, the question should rather be,

“Aren’t men equally precious?”

If so is the case, why are women made, and many a times even forced to, wear a purdah, dupatta or burqa, in the name of religion, society, etc.

Make women wear burqa or purdah & secure manhood!

A 24-year-old teacher of West Bengal’s first Muslim university was not able  hold classes for over three months because she refused to heed the student union’s diktat to wear a burqa. However, today Sirin Middya has won her battle after she brought in media intervention. Interestingly, the opposition with respect to her attire was not from the university which has not even stipulated a dress code, but rather from the Students’ Union.

Now, look at the sad state of affairs — the so-called custodian of students’ welfare — the teachers — need to abide by the rules set forth by the students union. And in this case, rules are more to do with wearing the burqa than anything else. Are the youth leading the students’ union working towards their political aspirations or towards the betterment of society. If our future becomes more dogmatic than our today, where are we taking our nation? What are we intending to build our future on? Dogmatism? Hatred? Religious fanatism? Women subjugation? Safeguarding manhood?

True Islam is spreading today but nothing wrong about it. Its fanaticism that we all need to fight not religion. And much bigger an aspect, if it is claim that women are precious and need to be protected, safeguarded, etc, aren’t our men equally precious? So any men here takers for a burqa?


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  1. m s dinakar
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 15:05:20

    “FORCED” – that’s the keyword.
    What about women who prefer these costumes?
    The decision should be left to the woman concerned whether she wants to wear a particular costume or not; and its not for men to force their whims and fancies.
    Curse the patriarchy for most of the ills that plague a woman’s life. Interestingly, women who attain power and can really do something for the welfare and wellbeing of women seem not to do so in India if history is any clue.


    • Being an Indian Woman
      Sep 07, 2010 @ 16:56:12

      Dinakar, thanks for your thoughts. I agreed with the bit initially but then it seemingly does not appear to me as positive. Sorry if I may have wrongly taking it as sarcastic.
      Blaming others or even patriarchy for ills of today’s life doesn’t seem to be right to me but then its your view and well respected.
      As for your last point, can’t really comment much but surely would like to know what men in similar situation do. Please do update me if you know something on this and can spare the time.



  2. m s dinakar
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 17:38:37

    I did not think of positive or negative regarding valuation of the ideas being discussed. (Patriarchy is not identical with father’s love for the family; rather it is about exercising authority which had yielded/has been yielding negative results.) In fact, as far as my experience goes, I do feel or rather convinced that men had bungled their opportunity to serve humanity and Nature at large in the previous millenium. Now, I do feel that the ongoing millenium will be that of the women since already women are making progress – though not to the satisfaction of everyone given the accessibility limited to many women around the globe – and I think its high time that we have a touch of feminization in all aspects. Masculinized politics and domestic management (wives are not for managing – rather they are complementary energies and why would any man think that he should manage his woman? ) has been a huge failure for obvious reasons – but reasons that were/are not easily visible to the myopic MCPs – as the experiment of institutionalization of love through marriage is abolutely a wrong idea. Thank you.Bye!
    PS: Yes: Women should have the right (rather it should be re-phrased as “women have the natural right”) to decide as to what they wanted to do with their lives.


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