And they say marital laws are gender-biased?

Giving gender equality a fresh twist, a jobless man has sought Rs 8,000 a month as alimony from his ‘gainfully’ employed partner.

This gender bender case, which has landed at the Andhra Pradesh High Court, however, gets even more curiouser in its detail. The couple in question are not legally wedded but have been in a live-in relationship for the last 10 years and even have a daughter. The man is job less while the woman takes home a decent Rs 20,000/month salary.

When the case first came up for hearing at the High Court a few days ago, the counsel representing the man referred to a recent Supreme Court judgment wherein the apex court had granted alimony to a woman in a live-in relationship from her partner citing that the number of years the two had put together were ‘considerable’, akin to a marriage. The man in this case has now pinned his hope on the apex court verdict with his counsel arguing how he too has put in 10 years of his life into this relationship and is thus a ‘considerable’ time period for him to earn his alimony from the earning partner. Next hearing is on July 30.

The link to media report is here.

A similar case was filed by a Tamil Nadu resident Kalaiselvan who had sought a whopping Rs 25 lakh from his ex-wife, a news story that flashes on many websites catering to aggrieved husbands. But the judgment on the case is awaited.

In 2009 January, a vegetable vendor had received maintenance from his wife (in a government job).

Further, there have been thousands of cases where men either quit their jobs or tried to prove their wives adulterous, while in disputes to avoid paying maintenance to their families. For people interested in looking into this more, please read these male-biased websites/forums blaming such actions on their so-called ‘498a wife who misused the Act’ when they shamelessly leave their little ones under the case of these wives itself. And if one is to believe, in every second such dispute, the wife’s chastity is questioned. Such men don’t realise that it is their own non-chastity that has led to prostitution being termed as the world’s oldest profession.


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