Educating women really means ending violence

We all know that women are the backbone of the family everywhere in this world, they are the daughters, sisters, mothers and wives to someone, starting from the families we should educate our daughters so that when they turn to be mothers they educate their kids as well, in other words educating kids while they are still young means educating the future leaders and presidents and this world will turn into a better place to live.

All these men who are destroying the world or creating violence and instability all the time are our sons, brothers, husbands, or fathers, if they could have been educated in the first place they wouldn’t have behaved this way. Mothers are the first school any kid can have, and just imagine an educated mom and how she tries to help her kids by improving they way of living an uneducated mom who doesn’t even know how to read or write and when her kids come from school she can’t even help them read and revise their lessons.

Observing all that, and how ladies can turn this world in to a better place why is it that we keep our daughters at home to do the household and we send our sons to schools to study? Why can we give them equal opportunities to study? Why can’t we educate our daughters so that they educate their kids to turn this world in to a better place, a world free from violence and conflicts?

Asking ourselves all these questions what do you think we do so that we solve these problems?.

(courtesy: Maryan Hassan)


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