The Photo frame

Post marriage, the new bride must fit into the photo frame — its dimensions, structure and feel are predecided and she must not have any inclination to step out of that. If she does, she ain’t a good daughter-in-law!

Well, that’s not just from personal experience but also from public view. Someone experienced lately told me that it will take as much as 5 years for the girl to be accepted as a family member. Sounds odd? But it seems truer as more and more girls second it.

A newly married colleague felt his new bride didn’t need to adjust much as most of her things are just the same. When we suggested to him to try living at her parents house for just a week, he understood how difficult it can be!

Well, after all, what does a girl desire from her new home? Some support, some trust and some adjustment from the other side. Just because she is from a new home it doesn’t mean she is wrong? And for this transition, she needs a partner who supports her, lends her his ear.

She has her likes and dislikes but in a society like India (however, urban, modern and open-minded some sections may claim to be), she is treated like nothing more than a trophy which has a set place on the mantlepiece or a person who must fit the photo frame hanging on the wall.


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