Cogito effectus ergo sum

So what does cogito effectus ergo sum mean?

Most in India would easily be able to guess it. After all, we all have opinions, about almost everything. But for the ignorant lot (like me I mean and no offense here), it means I think, I act; & therefore, I am.

Definitely easier said than done…

Plus, it brings you with a lot of baggage to carry as someone always points out to me. I always wonder what we think when we act. Do we really ever think? If so, how can we be rude? Or be abusive if a car ahead of us is driving too slow? Or just flare up when someone points out a mistake? These actions are just ignored and we move ahead saying — “I am what I am; Who the hell is the world to tell me I am wrong? After all, see the millions I earn and I spend”.

But does this help? Us or anyone around us? I once read somewhere about someone labelling most people in three categories:

1. the talkers — who can talk about anything and everything. Just give them that mike! •

2. the opinon-holders — who have an opinion about anything and everything. Just need someone to vent it out to! •

3. the doers — who let their work do the talking. Give them a task!

But somehow isn’t there a talker, an opinion-holder and a doer in all of us? It becomes active in one situation or the other. After all, there is nothing black or white in life, its all in shades of grey!! And even Raavan (the so-called epitome of evil in Hindu mythology) was a learned saint.


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