Beauty & Contest

In a recent Bollywood flick Pyaar Ke Side Effects, a man wants to know the reason behind the keenness of a girl to get married. His friend answers by pointing out that this is the day when the bride has the best clothes and jewelry. It is a beauty contest in which she is a sure shot winner.

So are weddings just a tool for becoming a centre of attraction?

The answer to that is Yes & No, depending on who you are and what you think.

Yes, as becoming a centre of attraction is easy during this period. You not only get a whole lot of loud, heavy clothing but also jewelry. Plus, all eyes throughout the celebrations will be on you – the looks, the walk, the talk and whatever follows.

No, as these lavish celebrations symbolize much more. In many cases, these have become a tool for showing off if you are rich and burning a huge hole in your pocket if you are not that rich. Plus, it gives people with loads of time on hand and no work, something to talk about, or rather something to think about – “Who wears the same saree at every occasion, who wears fake diamond jewellery or who is the most eligible bachelor – the list is endless…

To me, at times the Big Day celebration don’t seem to be more than a toothpaste commercial for The Couple, who just have to keep smiling in spite of their jaws aching in front of relatives/friends they may have met only once in lifetime and may never see the whole bunch again except at someone else’s wedding.

But then, my dear, who said Indian weddings are a simple affair?


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